A Quick 30 minute Practice

10 Dec


We’re running out of time, that much is clear: the population bomb continues to tick, an unprecedented number of species are facing total extinction, Arctic sea ice is melting much faster than anticipated, peak oil may have already come and gone, and the very pillars of the global economy are crumbling as we speak. The details may vary depending on whom you speak to, but the chorus of voices predicting the end of days is now too loud to comfortably ignore.

In actuality, we don’t need a Mayan Calendar, ancient prophesies, modern science, or the news media to tell us things are changing… and fast. But I, for one, have always worked well under pressure and I kind of like the notion of using 2012, the Doomsday Clock and the 100 month countdown to the climate tipping point as memes to an end—that is, as tools to motivate and structure intelligent discussion and practical action. As my friend Daniel Pinchbeck, an authority on the Mayan prophesy, explains:

“My view is that ‘2012’ is useful as a meme if it helps us to catalyze a shift in global culture and consciousness. Rather than fretting about what may or may not happen on that date, we should concentrate on the work that needs to be done now, on an inner as well as outer level.”

So put up your Mayan calendar, synchronize your Doomsday watch and write your 100 month strategic plan for sustainable living. And don’t delay, for you may have less time than you think.

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